• Celebrating its 125th anniversary, Gold Bond Mattress credits its sustained success to bedrock values: quality, integrity, and innovation.
• The Connecticut-based company built its first cotton mattress in 1899 and continues to dominate the industry with its diverse range of mattresses and futons.
• Gold Bond President, Robert Naboicheck, attributes the company’s longevity to its commitment to high-quality products and integrity in business dealings.
• The company has always stayed abreast of changing times, adapting to market trends with innovative designs and materials.
• Some noteworthy milestones include the launch of the first-ever two-sided mattress in 2001 and pioneering the use of eco-friendly, green materials in 2007.
• As part of its 125th anniversary celebrations, Gold Bond has launched the Anniversary Series, with mattresses featuring cutting-edge technology and luxury textiles.

Gold Bond Celebrates 125 Years of Success and Innovation

Quality, Integrity, and Adaptability: The Gold Bond Philosophy

A timeline of Achievements from 1899 to 2021

As the Gold Bond Mattress Company toasts to its 125th year in operation, it is worth noting that this occasion is more than just a corporate anniversary. It’s the celebration of a long-standing commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation. Creating its first cotton mattress way back in 1899, the Connecticut-based furniture giant has since woven these values into the very fabric of its business. President Robert Naboicheck credits this devotion to these core values as the secret sauce behind their sustained success.

Staying on the cutting edge of industry trends while maintaining product quality and integrity has been a delicate balance for Gold Bond. Still, their track record shows they’ve mastered this art. Significant milestones such as launching the first-ever two-sided mattress in 2001 and being pioneers in using green materials in 2007 demonstrate their innovative spirit.

To commemorate this impressive milestone, Gold Bond has released the Anniversary Series – a reflection of the company’s history of combining traditional craftsmanship with innovation. This new line showcases mattresses outfitted with the latest in comfort technology and the finest luxury textiles—a fitting tribute to a company that has always been at the forefront of its industry. Here’s to the next 125 years!

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