• Ashley Furniture celebrates its 15th year of hosting the Ashley for the Arts event in 2024.
• The event emerged as one of the largest charity-focused festivals in Wisconsin, contributing millions to local schools, charities, and nonprofit organizations.
• The festival attracts over 70,000 people annually, making it a vital source of revenue for the community.
• Ashley for the Arts typically features more than 80 performances including music, dance, drama, and art installations.
• In addition to celebrating art, Ashley uses this event to launch new furniture lines and design initiatives.

Ashley Furniture Celebrates 15 Year Milestone of Charity-Focused Festival

Ashley for the Arts Marks 15th Year in 2024

Ashley Furniture has reason to celebrate in 2024 as its charity-focused festival, Ashley for the Arts, marks its 15th year. Embracing art in all its forms, the festival has grown significantly over the years, becoming one of the largest charity events in Wisconsin. The festival, contributing millions to local schools, charities and nonprofits, is not just a showcase of artistic talent, but also a key revenue driver for the community, attracting over 70,000 people annually.

More than Just an Art Festival

While at its core, the festival celebrates art, it has evolved into much more. Ashley uses this event as a platform to launch new furniture lines and design initiatives, allowing the global furniture giant to make a significant impact in both the art world and the furniture industry. After 15 successful years, Ashley for the Arts has become a beloved tradition that emphasizes the importance of community, art, and creativity in all of our lives.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317418

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