– Three veteran bedding industry experts will be leading a retail-focused session at the upcoming Bedding Conference.
– Industry veterans Jerry Epperson, David Perry, and Dale Carlsen will offer an extensive workshop session aimed to help retailers succeed in a challenging market.
– Jerry Epperson has a rich experience in furniture and mattress industry trends and financing, which he will share in his part of the session.
– David Perry will provide insights based on his extensive experience as long-time bedding editor for Furniture Today.
– Dale Carlsen, founder of Sleep Train and Ticket to Dream Foundation, will bring his unique perspective from his years of experience in retailing and philanthropy, to help retailers think innovatively.
– The session, directed at exclusively to retailers, will highlight key trends, competitive strategies, and tactics to navigate the constantly evolving bedding industry.
– The Bedding Conference will take place in May in the Florida city of Orlando.

Three Industry Giants Gear Up to Empower Retailers at The Bedding Conference

Jerry Epperson, David Perry, and Dale Carlsen to Share Expertise in Retail-Only Session

Expert Insights, Key Trends, and Innovative Strategies

Packed with expert insights, the session promises to navigate the attendees through the intricate world of the bedding industry. With a changing market landscape bustling with competition, the event is poised to highlight key trends and competitive strategies. Retailers attending the conference will have an exclusive chance to learn from the fruitful experiences of our industry leaders – Epperson, Perry, and Carlsen.

Leveraging Experience for Market Success

Epperson’s deep understanding of market trends and financing, Perry’s valuable insights from his long tenure as bedding editor, and Carlsen’s out-of-the-box retailing and philanthropic ideas promise to transform the way retailers perceive and operate in the bedding industry.

The upcoming Bedding Conference to be held in Orlando, Florida in May is intent on aiding retailers to pave their way to success in today’s bustling competitive market. This unique session, focusing exclusively on retailers, stands as a testament to the commitment of the industry to come together, learn, and grow. By incorporating the lessons from the session, retailers will be empowered to handle challenges and seize opportunities in this ever-evolving industry.

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