• The International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC) recently announced its plans for an extensive renovation project.
• The renovation aims to make the Center more visitor-friendly, improve product displays, and ensure a seamless flow of traffic and better navigation.
• Three primary principles will guide the renovation: improvement of overall functionality, enhancement of the aesthetic sensibility, and claim adjustment to the marketplace.
• A priority for the renovation is creating more manageable floor plans, flexible spaces, and a smooth flow of travel.
• Architect David Worsley, engaged for the renovation work, will focus on updating the Center’s image while retaining its historical roots.
• The Center also plans to incorporate feedback from manufacturers, sellers, and buyers from recent year-round market tours to make necessary improvements.
• The timeframe or budget for the renovation has not been specified; however, the management assures minimal disruptions towards ongoing activities during the renovation period.
• The management also encourages community input into the renovation project, aiming to achieve consensus on changes.
• IHFC’s performance post-renovation is expected to benefit the entire community of High Point, North Carolina.

Future-proofing the IHFC: A Grand Renovation On Its Way

Upgrading for Adaptability, Aesthetics, and Adjustments

Keeping History Alive While Staying Future-forward

The International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC) is soon to get a facelift! It plans to remodel its layout for better functionality, visually pleasing upgrades, and to keep pace with market requirements. The architect, David Worsley, is all set to kickstart the crucial job of lending a modern touch to the Center while preserving its nostalgic charm. Feedback from its core stakeholders is an essential ingredient in this renovation recipe, solicited through year-round market tours. The renovation will not only make IHFC a more pleasant place for furniture enthusiasts but also enrich High Point’s community life. So, all eyes on the beholder, let’s help this High-Point magnate soar high and make a ‘Point’ like never before!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318662

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