– 3G Ventures, a group specializing in retail investments, launched a new Ashley Homestore Outlet in Twin Falls, Idaho.
– The new outlet store is the second in Idaho, following the first one in Meridian.
– The Twin Falls Ashley Outlet will feature all types of furniture items, including living room, dining room, bedroom furniture, and unique home accents.
– In its bid to remain environmentally-conscious, the new store will also carry discounted overstocks and products made from recycled materials.
– Ashley Furniture Industries, the parent organization, has plans to continue expansion, projecting a total of 15 stores across the state.

New Ashley Outlet Store Opens in Twin Falls, Idaho

Second Store in Idaho Launched by 3G Ventures

Riding on the success of their first store in Meridian, 3G Ventures, an accomplished group in retail investment, has launched a new Ashley Homestore Outlet in Twin Falls. This store is set to offer a full assortment of furniture, catering to every room in the house. The store will also feature unique home accents to help elevate any interior design.

Going Green with Furniture

Staying committed to environmental conservation, the Twin Falls Ashley Outlet will also stock discounted overstocks and eco-friendly products made from recycled materials. Shoppers can find fantastic deals while doing their bit for the environment.

Ashley’s Expansion Plans in Idaho

With two stores now in operation, Ashley Furniture Industries aims to continue expansion across Idaho. It’s planning to paint the state Ashley-green, with a projected total of 15 stores in the pipeline.

In conclusion, 3G Ventures continue to make waves in the retail industry with the opening of their second Ashley Homestore in Twin Falls, Idaho. Not only are they pushing for great deals, but they’re also promoting environmental sustainability with their range of eco-friendly products. With a plan to increase their store count to fifteen statewide, the future of furniture shopping in Idaho looks set to stage more success stories!

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