– The article discusses four different spring decor styles, presented as mood boards, along with corresponding furniture and decor finds.
– The first style, dubbed “contemporary coastal,” includes bright textures, sandy hues, and blue accents to give a fresh and relaxing feel.
– The second style, called “bold botanicals,” features vibrant and luxurious-looking pieces dressed in bold, botanical imprints and tropical palettes.
– The third style is defined as “Scandi simplicity,” showcasing minimalist, functional, and comfortable pieces with a neutral color palette.
– The last style, labeled “energetic eclectic,” contains a unique mix of bold colors, distinctive shapes, and contrasting textures.

Spring Trends in Home Decor

Contemporary Coastal

For those yearning for a beachy vibe without going overboard, the contemporary coastal style introduces a lively, sandy aesthetic. This decor captures the elegance of the beach while staying fresh and modern.

Bold Botanicals

Bold botanicals speak to the lovers of vibrant colors and rich textures. Inspired by nature, this style uses tropical motifs to create a fun and luxury feel in your home.

Scandi Simplicity

This style reflects Scandinavian design principles that value functionality and simplicity. With its clean lines and neutral palette, Scandi simplicity injects tranquility into a home.

Energetic Eclectic

This is for those who dare to be different. The energetic eclectic style is all about bold colors, distinct shapes, and contrasting textures making for an exciting and unique decor.


This spring, numerous trends are set to make waves in the home decor industry. It’s all about bringing in freshness, vibrancy, and a sprinkle of your individual flair into your home. Whether you opt for the soft, sandy hues of the contemporary coastal genre, the lush, tropical feel of bold botanicals, the minimalist comfort of Scandi simplicity, or the daring amalgamation of the energetic eclectic mix, each style has its unique offering. Be it a bold overhaul or just subtle tweaks, let your decor bloom this spring with some style inspiration from these trends.

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