– Southern furniture retailer, Robert Stevens, is expanding its operations by adding a new outlet in Atlanta, Georgia.
– The new store will be the company’s 4th store in the region and will carry a full line of furniture pieces focused on modern and stylish home decor.
– Robert Stevens has been successful in the Southeast for its focus on affordable, high-quality furniture.
– The expansion highlights the company’s commitment to serving more customers and contributing positively to the local communities.
– The new Atlanta store is planned to open later this year, and they will offer in-store shopping experience and online shopping.
– The company has established hiring programs in place to staff the new store, showing continued dedication to creating employment opportunities within the communities where the company operates.

Robert Stevens Furniture Expands with New Atlanta Store

Growing Southern Furniture Retailer Adds Another Outlet, Aims to Serve More Customers

Robert Stevens, a renowned furniture retailer in the Southeast, has unveiled plans for an exciting expansion with a new outlet in Atlanta, Georgia. This means that fans of their affordable, high-quality furniture pieces won’t have to travel far to find the modern and stylish pieces they’ve grown to love.

Upcoming Store Highlights Company’s Growth and Commitment

With this expansion, Robert Stevens is not just adding to its number of stores, they are also emphasizing their commitment to serving more customers and giving back to their communities. The growth of this well-respected furniture retailer is echoing across the Southeast, promising a stylish revamp for homes and offices alike.

With an exciting grand opening scheduled for later this year, both in-store and online enthusiasts can look forward to a diverse range of high-quality, stylish, and affordable furniture pieces. In line with the brand’s mission, Robert Stevens continues to provide employment opportunities in the local communities through their dedicated hiring programs for the upcoming Atlanta outlet. So, stay tuned furniture aficionados, Robert Stevens is setting up to serve your stylish decor needs even better!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318387

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