– A recent study shows that 82% of consumers do not fully utilize their outdoor living spaces.
– Most homeowners said that the lack of comfortable furniture was the main reason for underutilization.
– Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and swimming pools are on top of the consumer wish list.
– People are more likely to spend time outdoors if they have the right outdoor furniture.
– Designers encourage consumers to treat outdoor living space the same as interior rooms.
– Spending on outdoor furniture has increased by 19% in the last year.
– Consumers are advised to consider the quality of outdoor furniture as it is prone to weather conditions.

Maximizing Outdoor Living Spaces

The Importance of Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Consumers’ underutilization of outdoor living spaces is largely attributable to the lack of comfortable furniture in these areas. People are more inclined to spend time outdoors if they have suitable outdoor furniture to create an inviting and cozy ambiance. It’s a wake-up call for homeowners to pay equal attention to both interior and exterior design.

Outdoor Features on Consumers’ Wish List

The study has surfaced some exciting features on consumers’ wish lists for their outdoor living areas. Top of the list are kitchens, indicating a fervor for alfresco cooking and dining. Fire pits are lighting up interest, presenting opportunities for warmth, entertainment, and stylish focal points. Lastly, swimming pools push the fun factor up a few notches, promising a refreshing, resort-like feel.

Rising Expenditure on Outdoor Furniture & Quality Considerations

Notably, outdoor furniture spending has seen a generous uptick in the last year, marking a rise of 19%. Nevertheless, experts stress that quality should not be compromised, given how these pieces need to withstand varying weather conditions while maintaining their charm.


In summary, outdoor living spaces are a treasure trove of leisure and relaxation. But for these outdoor oases to truly shine, the right furniture and features are essential. So step aside, living rooms and bedrooms – here’s to celebrating the great (furnished) outdoors! From comfortable sofas to roaring fire pits, outdoor spaces are staking their claim as the perfect escape from the drudgery of indoor life.

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