– Broad River Retail, a prominent furniture and home decor retailer in the southeastern United States, has announced their Founders Scholarship Awards in 2021.
– A total of nine dedicated employees across the company’s various locations received the scholarships.
– The Founders Scholarships are dedicated to supporting staff members pursuing degrees in their chosen fields of study and are valued up to $3,000 each.
– The recipients work in a variety of roles within the company, including sales, customer service, and warehouse operations.
– Broad River Retail emphasizes the value of employee growth and development, viewing these scholarships as an investment in their team’s future.
– The scholarship program was launched in memory of Charlie Malouf, the late Co-Founder and CEO of Broad River Retail.
– The Founders Scholarship program is part of an overall commitment by Broad River Retail to a company culture that promotes personal and professional growth.

Broad River Retail Awards Founders Scholarships to Nine Employees

A Boost to Education and Personal Development from Broad River

Employee Scholarship Program in Memory of Late Co-Founder

Broad River Retail believes in driving opportunities for personal development and progress for its staff, awarding in total, nine employees with the Founders Scholarships in 2021. With recipients across multiple roles including sales, customer service, and warehouse operations, the scholarships highlight the company’s commitment to fostering growth in their employees. The $3,000 scholarships serve as a beneficial support for employees in pursuing higher education, and forms part of the company’s broader commitment to a culture that promotes both personal and professional growth. The Founders Scholarships program is a heartfelt acknowledgement to Charlie Malouf, the late Co-Founder and CEO of Broad River Retail, that continues his legacy of supporting and advancing his team members. Hence, for Broad River, investing in their team’s education is equivalent to investing in the company’s future.

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