– The International Furnishings and Design Association’s (IFDA) Educational Foundation announced that they have awarded $20,500 in student scholarships.
– Nine talented students studying design or related subjects were the recipients of these substantial scholarships.
– The scholarships were awarded across three categories: residential interior, commercial interior, and specialized design.
– Two standout students, Sophia Chan and Jessica Miguel, were named winners in the Residential Interior/Home Furnishing Design category and received $3,000 each.
– In the Commercial Interior Design category, students Kaitlyn Bonilla, Emma Werth, and Kaitlynn Ba Tran, each received $3,500 scholarships.
– Four students with a focus on Specialized Interior/Home Furnishing Design were awarded scholarships of different amounts based on their portfolio and academic merits.
– IFDA’s Educational Foundation aims to encourage and support design talent and professionalism in the hopes of enhancing the furniture and design industry.

IFDA’s Educational Foundation Boosting Design Talent With Scholarships

Design Students Receive More Than $20k In Financial Aid

A Boost For Students; A Boost For The Industry

Designing the future just got a bit easier (and exciting!) for nine students, who got a big boost from the International Furnishings and Design Association’s (IFDA) Educational Foundation. Announcing a hefty total of $20,500 in scholarship funds, the IFDA recognizes the talent and potential in these scholars, encouraging them to spotlight their creativity in the furniture and design industry. The foundation’s goal is not just to support these budding designers financially, but to invest in the industry’s future by cultivating professionals who are equipped with both knowledge and inspiration. With this generous support, these students are one step closer to shaping the interiors of tomorrow, and we are one step closer to a more creative and visionary design world!+

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318391

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