• A-America, a renowned furniture manufacturer, made its debut in a new category at the High Point Market this year.
• They unveiled their newly-developed solid wood home office furniture category.
• The entry was particularly in response to the increased demand for home office furniture due to the rise in work-from-home arrangements.
• The line-up comprised largely of desks, bookcases and filing cabinets, all made from solid wood.
• The company’s new venture was successful and they already have plans to double the line next year.
• The designs span Indian and Indonesian influences, complementing A-America’s overall aesthetic.
• Currently, the company offers two options for finishes, with hopes to add more choices in the future.
• A-America is known for its high-quality, mid-priced solid wood dining, bedroom and occasional furniture.

A-America Expands at High Point with new Solid Wood Home Office Category

Successful Debut Spurs Company to Double Line Next Year

Seattle-based furniture manufacturer A-America entered a new category at the High Point Market this year, catering to the increasing demand for home office furniture amidst the rising trend of working from home.

From Desks to Filing Cabinets: A Solid Choice for Home Offices

Renowned for their mid-priced, solid wood dining, bedroom, and occasional furniture, A-America is now pulling out all stops in the home office furniture category. With an introductory line-up of desks, bookcases, and filing cabinets, their offerings tastefully blend Indian and Indonesian influences, staying true to their brand’s aesthetic.

Given the success of their High Point debut, A-America has plans to double the line next year. Currently offering two finish options, they are also looking to expand their range of choices in the future. This move speaks to the company’s flexible approach to furniture production, proving once again why A-America remains a formidable contender in the furniture industry.

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