• A former chapel located in Devon is transformed into a contemporary home space by award-winning interior designer, Anna Phipps.
• The chapel conversion retains most of its original architectural features like the arched windows and stone walls.
• The interior showcases a mix of vintage and modern furniture referencing both the history of the space and current trends.
• Anna Phipps reveals her top tips for adapting such unique spaces, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balance between originality and comfortable living.
• She also discusses her choice of materials, fabrics and furniture designs, stressing that sustainability is a significant factor in her decisions.
• Series of before and after photos are included, illustrating the dramatic transformation.
• The article shares some of the challenges faced during the conversion and renovation process as well.

From Sacred to Splendid: Chapel To Home Conversion in Devon

A Mix of Vintage and Modern

Known for her exceptional attention to detail and sustainable approach, Anna Phipps has brilliantly brought together a mix of vintage and modern furniture that stays true to the rich heritage of the chapel while adding a trendy touch.

Challenges in conversion and renovation

The article also reveals some of the challenges faced in the journey from chapel to a cozy dwelling place. Yet the remarkable blend of historic architecture with contemporary comfort attests to the successful overcoming of these obstacles.

Maintaining the Balance

Phipps gives high regard to maintaining a balance between preserving the history embedded in the original architectural features while adapting the space for comfortable living. The utilization of sustainable materials is also given emphasis, marking Phipps’ strong commitment to eco-friendly designs.

Transformation Journey

The stunning before and after photographs narrated a clear tale of the radical transformation from an age-old chapel to a lovely home, emphasizing the magnitude of work and passion poured into the project.

In its new avatar, the Devon chapel packs in a significant punch, blending historical charm with contemporaneity, thanks to Anna Phipps. The interior designer has indeed skilfully adapted the space for modern living without compromising its original character. By incorporating sustainable, and often times vintage furniture, Phipps has breathed new life into an old structure while keeping environmental impact at a minimum. The makeover journey as detailed in the article, complete with its challenges and triumphs, stands as a testament to Phipps’ dedication to her design philosophy – and the result is nothing short of awe-inspiring!

original article https://www.desiretoinspire.net/?p=208710

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