– Interior designer Patrick Mele is turning a 19th-century carriage house in Connecticut into a stylish weekend getaway.
– The designer is incorporating modern elements alongside timeless classics, bringing together old and new in a fresh way.
– The carriage house features a blend of bold and soft colors, utility-focused furniture, and decorative pieces.
– Mele used vintage Danish furniture, antique light fixtures, and cultural nuances such as French and Moroccan rugs. “Mixing is key to making things look lived in,” says Mele.
– In the dining room, traditional candlelit tables sit amidst modern steel chairs, while the living room houses a 1960s Italian marble coffee table.
– The carriage house has been redesigned but maintains its original architectural elements, a testament to Mele’s ability to respect historic structures while updating their aesthetic.

Patrick Mele’s Uniquely Stylish Carriage House

Blending Modern and Classic Design Styles

Interior designer Patrick Mele is bringing a fresh, modern twist to a 19th-century carriage house in Connecticut. The designer masterfully blends timeless classics with contemporary elements, delivering a stylish yet comfortable vibe.

Color and Utility

Incorporating a mix of bold and soft colors, the house features practical furniture that is as aesthetic as it is functional, creating a comfortable and inspiring space.

Vintage and Cultural Elements

Vintage Danish furniture and antique light fixtures add a touch of history and authenticity to the design. Cultural influences make appearances too – see the French and Moroccan rugs scattered throughout the house.

Harmony of New and Old

The dining room showcases an impressive mix of styles; traditional candlelit tables are contrasted with modern steel chairs. The living room is marked by a beautiful 1960s Italian marble coffee table, capturing the essence of Mele’s design aesthetics.

In conclusion, Patrick Mele has not only transformed an old Connecticut carriage house into a stylish weekend getaway but also created a symbiosis of contemporary and classic design elements. The bold and soft color palette, retro furniture, and mix of cultural influences all contribute to the home’s lived-in yet modern charm. While updating the aesthetic, Mele has also managed to keep the original architectural elements alive, honoring the structure’s history. This project truly showcases Mele’s ability to breathe new life into old spaces while respecting their historic value.

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