– Antonio Martins, a San Francisco-based interior designer, recently completed a restorative work on his personal home in Big Sur.
– His 1925 home, with its stunning views of the Pacific, was treated to a careful renovation that preserved its historical aesthetic while introducing modern elements.
– He sought help from local artisans and craftspeople to lend authenticity in the project, which was completed in December 2020.
– The updated interior design pairs old and new in an unexpected way, combining rustic wood elements with modern furniture.
– Special attention was paid to environmental sustainability, with materials primarily sourced locally, to minimize the project’s carbon footprint.
– The home also features artwork and vintage furniture collected over the years from travels around the world.

Designer Antonio Martins’ Updated Home in Big Sur: A Harmony of Old and New

A Careful Restoration with a Modern Touch

In a synergy of old and new, interior designer Antonio Martins has skillfully restored his 1925-era home in Big Sur. Preserving the historical layout and features, he introduced modern furnishings and design elements, creating a space that is not only comfortable but also evocative of the home’s original charm.

Local Craftsmanship, Global Influences

Martins built a team of local craftspeople and artisans to add authenticity to his project, concluding in December 2020. The renovated home boasts an impressive collection of artwork and vintage furniture, souvenirs from Martin’s diverse travels around the globe.

Environmentally Conscious Design

He has also demonstrated environmental consciousness in his design choices, sourcing most materials locally in order to keep the carbon footprint minimal. This not only serves the environment but also contributes to the local economy.

Antonio Martins’ home has become a masterpiece of design, a remarkable fusion of vintage charm, modern aesthetics, and cultural richness. His careful consideration of historical preservation, environmental sustainability, and authentic local craftsmanship sets a trend that inspires future designs, showing that modern comfort does not need to discard the legacy of the past. Antonio Martins not only lives in Big Sur; he is now part and parcel of its unique, vibrant tapestry through this stunning home.

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