– The Pacific Palisades home showcases a seamless blend of modern and vintage design.
– The homeowner, Nicole Hollis, is a San Francisco-based interior designer who purchased the property two years ago.
– Hollis collaborated with local architects to introduce natural light and open spaces to the home.
– Vintage pieces have been carefully curated from global markets and integrated with modern fixtures.
– Some notable pieces include a vintage Moroccan rug, a mid-century Japanese cocktail table, and contemporary paintings.
– The furniture in the home serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose, designed to withstand the wear and tear of a family with three children.

A Perfect Ensemble of Modern and Vintage

Classic Collaboration in Pacific Palisades Home

The Pacific Palisades home, sitting as an epitome of excellent design, beautifully blends the old-world charm and modern chic. The mastermind behind this blend is none other than Nicole Hollis, a San Francisco-based interior designer.

Vintage Charm Meets Modern Design

Hollis, in collaboration with locale architects, has worked miracles to fill the property with natural light and open spaces. Her knack for vintage curation, sourcing impressive pieces from global markets, has truly set the home apart. These pieces, like a vintage Moroccan rug or mid-century Japanese cocktail table, add to the uniqueness of the home.

Functional and Trendy – Furniture for Modern Families

One of the major highlights is that the furniture in this abode not only elevates its aesthetic appeal, but also caters to the functional needs of a modern family. Be it the everyday hustle of three young children or a sophisticated cocktail party, this furniture is built to withstand it all.

In conclusion, this Pacific Palisades home is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modern and vintage styles. It stands as an inspiration for homeowners aiming to combine the charm of yesteryears with contemporary aesthetics. With carefully curated pieces from all over the world, the fusion of textures and styles makes it an exemplary demonstration of what creative vision and skilled craftsmanship can achieve. Whether it’s the wear and tear of everyday life with children or a glamorous festive gathering, the furnishing choices are functional, timeless, and undeniably chic.

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