• ‘Nuun Jewels’, a leading jewellery brand, unveils its new flagship store designed by celebrated architectural firm, ‘Nature Squared.’
• The design of Nuun Jewels store is inspired by the kaleidoscopic interplay of colors and shapes found in precious gems.
• The interior features precious materials and specialty finishes impeccably installed by US-based design firm ‘Designtex.’
• Sustainability remains at the heart of the design, incorporating an exquisite chandelier made from recycled champagne bottles.
• The store’s exceptional appearance distinguishes itself from normal shops in Paris, bringing a new and innovative shopping experience.
• The complex design required skilled craftsmanship over several months to create the unique modular wall systems.

Nuun Jewels Unveils Flagship Store with Nature-Inspired Design

Inspiration Drawn from the Synergy of Nature and Precious Gems

Nature Squared utilizes the juxtaposition of natural elements and precious stones to create a unique and innovative design for the new Nuun Jewels store. A kaleidoscope of colors and forms, the interiors resonate with the dazzling array of gems that Nuun Jewels is known for.

Superior Craftsmanship Meets Sustainable Design

The US-based design firm ‘Designtex’ demonstrated impeccable craftsmanship in integrating precious materials and specialty finishes into the store’s design. Sustainability was not lost in the mix, with a chandelier composed of recycled champagne bottles serving as a crowning highlight.

A New Retail Experience in Paris

The Nuun Jewels store’s distinctive design sets it apart from ordinary shops in Paris. The intricate design required months of skilled craftsmanship to perfect the unique modular wall systems. This store offers patrons an immersive and unparalleled shopping experience.


The new flagship store by Nuun Jewels promises to be more than just a store; it is a testament to the combined power of exquisite design, unmatched craftsmanship, and sustainability. Its extraordinary interiors, inspired by the timeless elegance of gems and sustainability ethos, deliver a refreshing, one-of-a-kind retail experience. Shoppers in Paris are in for an experience as unique and shimmering as the gems Nuun Jewel offers, with an underlying commitment to sustainable practices. It truly is a shining beacon of luxury retail done right, a jewel box for a jeweler!

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