* The long-renowned Stickley Furniture has marked a special milestone with the Audi family’s 50 years at the helm.
* Founded in the early 20th Century, Stickley Furniture was reintroduced to the market under the Audi family’s leadership in 1974.
* The Audi family maintains the standard of excellence by continuing Stickley Furniture’s tradition of quality and authenticity.
* Stickley Furniture’s value has grown consistently under Audi’s leadership, and it is recognized globally for its unique and sturdy designs.
* Throughout the decades, Stickley Furniture maintained a commitment to its core values: honesty, integrity, and respect for the natural environment.

Half a Century of the Audi Regime in Stickley Furniture

Celebrating a Grand Milestone

The iconic Stickley Furniture celebrates a significant milestone marked by 50 years of Audi family’s stewardship. This family-run venture started back in 1974, embracing the time-honored processes and attention to detail that had defined Stickley since its inception.

Pillars of Success

Under Audi’s regime, Stickley has found a winning interpretation of tradition and authenticity. The family has managed to hold onto the essential pillars of Stickley’s success — honesty, integrity, and respect for the natural environment. This has shaped all their furniture designs, underpinning the unique and enduring appeal of Stickley pieces.

A Look into the Future

As Stickley Furniture steps into another decade, the Audi family’s unwavering vision lays a strong foundation for further growth and innovation. Their legacy will surely be a guiding light for more elegant, sturdy, and globally recognized furniture designs to come.


Marking a half-century of the Audi’s family stewardship over Stickley Furniture is indeed a cause for celebration. It symbolizes not just their successful leadership but also their persistent commitment to upholding the company’s original core values. With any luck, we’ll be enjoying the unique and charming Stickley furnishings the Audi family has overseen for many decades to come.

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