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– Playful Farmhouse Renovation: A 19th century farmhouse changed into a lively space for a family with the assistance of a top interior designer.
– Feature Furniture Pieces: Original pieces, like an old piano and a recovered barn door, were integrated and highlighted as special furniture.
– Fresh Color Palette: A new color scheme was introduced, blending traditional farmhouse styles with modern color pop and contemporary lines.
– Kid-Friendly Elements: The design includes features that cater to children, such as a kid’s study room with a built-in desk and storage, play areas, and materials that are durable and easy to clean.
– Sustainable Design: The renovation prioritizes sustainability, with eco-friendly fixtures and recycled materials utilized extensively throughout the house.
– Award-Winning: The renovated farmhouse won an award for Best Home Renovation, further attesting to the skill and creativity applied in the design.

The Playful, Award-Winning Farmhouse

Renovating with Honesty to the Origin

Who said you couldn’t turn an old farmhouse from the 19th century into a vibrant, modern space for your family? And what if we tell you it can involve honoring the story of the place through the careful preservation of their original pieces, such as an old piano and recovered barn door; turning them into special pieces of furniture. It’s all about being creative and resourceful!

Incorporating a Fresh Palette

The new world meets the old in this farmhouse’s color scheme. Traditional farmhouse styles are blended with bold, modern colors and trends, resulting in an impressive collaboration of simplicity and vivacity.

Making it All Kid-Friendly

Kids rule in this house! A dedicated study room filled with built-in desks and storage, play areas, and durable, easy-to-clean materials ensure the youngsters are having as much fun as the adults — perhaps, even more!

Embrace Sustainability

This renovation isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about doing right by the environment too. Using recycled materials and going for eco-friendly fixtures, the designers have furnished an eco-conscious home you can be proud of.

An Award to Top it All

This ingenious reimagining of an old farmhouse has earned it the title of ‘Best Home Renovation’. Talk about a beautiful home with a trophy to boot!

In conclusion, this 19th Century farmhouse renovation exemplifies how a playfulness, creativity, and consideration for the environment can come together in a design that respects its history while still offering contemporary comfort. This award-winning transformation from old and rustic to modern and vibrant is a testament to blending traditional features with modern designs, all while keeping the fun and functionality for a young family intact. We can’t wait to see what our ingenious designers will come up with next!

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