• A 1970s cottage located lakeside in Arkansas has been remodeled with a stylish and modern twist.
• The remodeling project was undertaken by local interiors firm, Haus and Home.
• Extensive use of natural materials, like wood and stone, was inspired by the surrounding natural environment.
• The property features a bold mix of vintage and contemporary furniture pieces.
• The property also boasts an open-concept layout promoting fluidity and ease of movement.
• Highlights of the cottage include a minimalist kitchen with hand-painted tiles and vintage fixtures, a cozy living room with a stone fireplace and a sunroom with a stunning lake view.
• Ingenious storage solutions, like built-in shelving and closet systems, were used to maximize space.

A Nostalgic Lakeside Retreat Gets a Stylish Upgrade

Remodeling of a 1970s Cottage by Haus and Home

Arkansas’s Haus and Home have masterfully transformed a languishing lakeside 1970s cottage into a chic retreat echoing its beautiful natural setting. Refined yet warm, the revamped layout features an open-concept studded with unique finds sourced from vintage furniture shops.

Naturesque Interiors Meet Modern Living

The design team tastefully employed the use of natural materials like stone and wood, forging a harmonious union between the indoor and the verdant outdoors. The home now houses a variety of furniture pieces that deftly bridge the old and the new, creating a refreshingly eclectic living space.

Highlighted areas include a minimalist yet rustic kitchen flaunting hand-painted tiles and elegant vintage fixtures, a snug living area dominated by a commanding stone fireplace, and an inviting sunroom that effortlessly captures the serene lake view.

Practical Constraints Meet Ingenious Solutions

Anticipating the compact constraints of the existing structure, the designers cleverly embedded a variety of storage solutions into the home. Maximized use of each corner ensures there is a place for everything in this charming lakeside getaway.

In a joyous celebration of the past and present, this revitalized Arkansas lakeside cottage, nestled in lush natural beauty, perfectly encapsulates the essence of modern-meets-nostalgic living. It truly stands as a testimony to insightful design, meticulous execution, and the seamless blending of function and aesthetics.

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