– A once rundown West Village townhouse has been transformed into a stylish, modern home
– The transformation took one year and involved a complete overhaul of the property’s design and architecture
– The four-story townhouse now features an open-concept living space with refined interiors
– Furniture pieces were selected to be both luxurious and practical, taking into account the owners’ young children
– The design team focused on natural materials and a neutral color palette to keep the space light and airy
– Vintage furniture and contemporary art were combined to create a blend of old and new
– A top-floor study fills with sunlight through a skylight, while the master suite features a sleek, freestanding bath
– The basement was turned into a fun and colorful playroom for the children

A West Village Transformation: The Blend of Vintage and Modern

Turning a Townhouse into a Dream Home

In heart of New York’s bustling West Village, a worn and weary townhouse has been given a second life. Rejuvenated by a year-long design project, the four-story property now oozes with style and practical luxury.

Designing with Luxury and Practicality in Mind

The house has been dressed in soothing neutrals and furnished with both vintage pieces and contemporary art. The livability factor was important to the designers who ensured the furniture passed the ‘kid-friendly’ test, balancing style with everyday family life in mind.

Natural Light and Open Spaces

In the home’s top floor, a study basks in ample sunlight, thanks to an overarching skylight. The serene master suite boasts a sleek freestanding bath that screams relaxation. And in the basement, a kaleidoscope of color welcomes the children in their designated playroom.

In summary, what was once a rundown West Village townhouse is now a stunning blend of style, practicality, and luxury. The transformation showcases a superb balancing act between luxurious design and everyday functionality. Natural materials, muted colors, and a thoughtful mix of vintage and contemporary pieces all contribute to the unique soul of the home. From the sun-drenched study to the colorful playroom, this four-story property really does have something for everyone in the family. The result is a testament to the design team’s taste and talent, creating a home that is both beautiful and livable in one of New York’s most coveted neighborhoods.

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