– Acima Leasing has announced a lease-to-own (LTO) agreement with Slumberland Furniture.
– Slumberland Furniture is now offering Acima’s flexible and affordable LTO options to its customers online and in all 126 store locations.
– This partnership will provide customers with an alternative solution to purchasing furniture upfront.
– The LTO agreement will assist consumers who may not have access to traditional credit options.
– It aims to allow customers to access high-quality furniture, despite their financial constraints.
– Reconfirmation of Acima’s market position and their commitment to expand their service offerings.

Acima Leasing Partners with Slumberland Furniture

Boosting Furniture Accessibility Through Lease-To-Own

Acima Leasing has made a noteworthy move by sealing a lease-to-own (LTO) contract with renowned Slumberland Furniture. Aimed at enhancing accessibility, Slumberland Furniture will now provide Acima’s pliable, cost-effective LTO options to customers across their digital platform and in all 126 physical stores.

LTO: A Win-Win Deal For Consumers

This forward-thinking partnership propels an alternative buying solution to customers that could bypass the necessity of paying upfront for furniture. By doing so, it greatly assists individuals who may find traditional credit options out of reach. The agreement is specifically geared towards enabling access to premium furniture regardless of monetary constraints, ensuring consumers don’t miss out on the home of their dreams due to financial limitations.

Moreover, the deal testifies to Acima’s strong position in the market arena and their continuous commitment to broadening their service offerings. This strategic collaboration with Slumberland Furniture certainly illustrates their dedication to granting consumer access to top-notch furniture with a flexible payment scheme.

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