• The recent buzz in the bedding industry is all about add-ons, either above or below the mattress, being promoted as ticket boosters.
• The mattress industry has witnessed an increase in sales with the introduction of these customized add-ons, revealing a new pathway for revenue.
• Companies like Tempur Sealy and Serta Simmons Bedding have observed a considerable rise in ticket sales since implementing this innovation.
• The add-ons are designed to enhance buyer comfort and satisfaction, including add-ons such as luxury pillows, adjustable bases, mattress toppers and even high-tech accessories like sleep trackers.
• However, critics argue that these add-ons could confuse customers and also increase the total cost of bedding.

Bedding Boosted by Add-ons

Boosting Tickets with Add-Ons

The bedding industry has found a new way to fulfil customer needs while also improving their sales – addition of customized bed enhancements above or below the mattress. These highly-personalized add-ons are acting as effective ticket boosters for big hitters such as Tempur Sealy and Serta Simmons Bedding.

Add-ons Elevate Comfort and Increase Profits

While these add-ons serve the dual purpose of elevating comfort & satisfaction for the customer, they also prove beneficial to the companies by significantly increasing their returns. From luxury pillows, adjustable bases to tech-smart sleep trackers, the range of add-ons is continually expanding.

In conclusion, the incorporation of add-ons in the bedding industry has created a profitable twist, increasing both customer satisfaction and sales for the companies. However, there remains a side of opposition which views these add-ons potentially convoluting for the customers, who might feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and the subsequent increase in the total bedding cost. Nonetheless, considering the promising rise in sales figures, these bed enhancements seem to quickly become an industry standard, marking an exciting evolution in customizable comfort.

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