• Coaster, a leading name in the furniture industry, is revamping its merchandising strategy.
• Coaster veteran Larry Furiani underscores the importance of adding value whilst maintaining modest prices.
• The company focuses on multifunctional furniture that offers flexibility to consumers.
• Coaster is also investing in 3D visualization technology to enhance the shopping experience.
• The new merchandising strategy prioritizes a balance of style, functionality, and affordability.
• Digital marketing, customer-centric approach, and prompt delivery services have contributed to Coaster’s increased sales.
• Despite supply chain issues affecting the furniture industry globally, Coaster has managed to keep their prices stable through bulk purchasing and long-term vendor relationships.


Coaster Refines Merchandising Strategy for Furniture Enthusiasts


Keeping Up With Ever-Changing Consumer Preferences

Stepping up its game, Coaster, a household name in the world of furniture, is redefining its merchandising strategy, all thanks to the strategic vision of industry veteran Larry Furiani. Furiani emphasizes the necessity of providing additional value while keeping prices within reach to attract a broad spectrum of customers.


Multifunctionality is Now a Must-Have

At the heart of Coaster’s merchandising strategy is a focus on versatile, multi-functional furniture pieces. This translates into products that can perform multiple roles, thereby offering consumers increased flexibility, all without breaking the bank.


Enhanced Shopping Experience with 3D Visualisation

Moreover, Coaster is integrating technology into their sales process for an immersive shopping experience – thanks to the power of 3D visualization tool. This allows customers to easily envision how their chosen furniture would fit and appear in their personal spaces.


The Power of Balanced Merchandising

Unveiling the revamped strategy, Furiani emphasizes a harmony of style, functionality, and affordability, taking Coaster’s offerings a notch higher. The company’s digital marketing efforts, customer-first approach, and timely deliveries have also ramped up sales.

Notably, in challenging market conditions affected by global supply chain issues, Coaster has impressively managed to maintain stability in their prices. With keen foresight, bulk procurement practices, and enduring vendor relationships, Coaster sustains a better grip on its market standing.

In the swirling whirlpool of the furniture market, Coaster is not only staying afloat but navigating with aplomb. With value-packed offerings and innovative buying experiences, Coaster is truly leaving a lasting impression on furniture aficionados. Buckle up as these experts at Coaster are all set to redefine your furniture shopping experiences with their well-balanced and customer-focused strategy.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316223

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