– ADL Home Furnishings held a charity dinner that generated over $1.7M in proceeds.
– Funds raised will go towards housing and educational programs for underprivileged families.
– More than 500 guests were in attendance, including prominent figures in the furniture industry.
– The charity event featured a silent auction that included unique pieces from ADL’s 2020 collection.
– Keynote speaker was influential interior designer, Joey Helms, who stressed the importance of well-designed living spaces.
– Helms also unveiled his new collaboration with ADL, an affordable line dedicated to small living quarters.
– ADL announced plans to host similar events across various cities in the coming year.

ADL Home Furnishings Scores Big with Charity Dinner

Over $1.7M Raised for Good Causes

ADL Home Furnishings recently held a charity dinner that was nothing short of phenomenal. With an outpour of support, both from direct ticket sales and a highly competitive silent auction, the event managed to generate over $1.7M.

Impressive Roll Call

The guest list didn’t disappoint, either. More than 500 guests made the occasion, including some prominent personalities in the furniture industry.

Auction Highlights: Unique Pieces Up for Grabs

An exciting feature of the night was a silent auction boasting unique furniture pieces from ADL’s 2020 collection, which roused fervor among the attendees.

Guest Speaker: Interior Designer Joey Helms

Adding to the appeal of the event was keynote speaker, Joey Helms. A stalwart in interior design circles, Helms emphasized the value of well-designed living spaces and also unveiled his new collaboration with ADL.

Next Up: Charity Dinner Roadshow

The success of this event has prompted ADL to take it on the road, with plans to host similar initiatives across various cities in the next year.

In conclusion, ADL Home Furnishings turned hearts and heads with its recent charity dinner, rallying the industry’s most influential figures and raising a substantial amount earmarked for housing and education programs. This extraordinary event not only showcased the generosity of the furniture industry, but also its commitment to making well-designed spaces accessible for all. ADL has indeed set a strong precedent with this initiative, and we eagerly await their triumphant dinner tour.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318270

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