• Artful Home Renovation: A Philadelphia-based couple transformed their home using eclectically-styled furniture and original art.
• Invisible Mantra: The renovation was guided by the couple’s invisible mantra, ‘functional, fun and different’, inspiring each room to have a distinctive personality.
• Living Room: For the living room, they adopted a mix of vintage styles from different eras combined with colorful artwork to create a cozy setting.
• Dining Room: The dining room showcases an industrial-style dining table coupled with contrasting mid-century modern chairs.
• Bedroom: The couple designed their bedroom emphasizing simplistic beauty with industrial touches.
• Showcased Art Pieces: The renovation boasts various unique art pieces collected over time, including a modernist sculpture in the living room and a vibrant painting in the dining area.
• Local Furniture Shopping: Furniture was sourced from a range of local Philadelphia stores, including “Always Mod”, an iconic vintage shop known for its mid-century and Scandinavian styles.

An Artful Approach to Home Renovation

The Invisible Mantra: ‘Functional, Fun, and Different’

A Philadelphia-based couple has taken a bold approach to life and replicated it in their home. They followed an invisible mantra ‘functional, fun, different’ that guided their home renovation journey. Each room was thoughtfully designed to develop its unique character and functionality.

The Living Room: A Mix of Time Periods

The living room, a testament to eclectic charm, beautifully blends vintage styles from varying eras. Alongside this tasteful mishmash, they introduced a breadth of colourful artwork that introduced a cozy atmosphere all could enjoy.

The Dining Room: An Industrial Contrast

In contrast, the dining room features an industrial-style dining table paired brilliantly against mid-century modern chairs, signifying a fusion of eras that adds texture and intrigue to the room.

The Bedroom: Simplicity Meets Industrial

In the bedroom, the couple preferred remixing a sense of simplistic beauty with industrial touches, creating a serene yet tactile space.

Art Pieces Speaking Volumes

Art pieces collected over years, each holding sentimental value, found a suitable place within this renovated space. A modernist sculpture centers the living room, while a vibrant painting adds a dash of color to the dining area.

Sourcing from Local Stores

Furniture sourcing played a crucial role in this transformation. They patronized local Philadelphia stores, including the iconic Always Mod, renowned for mid-century and Scandinavian designs.

In summary, the creativity and thoughtfulness of this couple are reflected vividly in their renovated home. By blending different furniture styles, adding significant art pieces and focusing on local shopping, they created a colourful, cozy, and meaningful living space. Each room tells its story, embodying personal memories and tastes while demonstrating that function and style can indeed cohabitate harmoniously.

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