• Andmore markets, a leading furniture trade show, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing in the U.S.
• The show has seen significant growth in both exhibit and attendee numbers.
• Highlights of the shows have included industry-leading keynote speakers, innovative exhibitions, and networking opportunities.
• The increase in attendance is credited to a renewed interest in home design and customization, as well as an improved economy.
• The show has also gained traction due to the push towards eco-friendly and sustainable furniture designs.
• Andmore markets was recognized by Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50, an annual ranking of trade shows by growth.

Andmore Markets: The Fastest Growing Furniture Trade Show

Breaking Records and Setting Trends

Andmore markets, a shining star in the world of furniture trade shows, is on an upward trajectory. Not only is it rapidly growing with exhibitor and attendee numbers skyrocketing, but it also boasts of high-level keynote speakers and exhibitors showing off their freshest innovative designs.

Homeward Bound

With more people showing interest in home design and customization, this has significantly fueled the growth of Andmore markets. Additionally, the country’s improving economy has allowed more businesses and consumers to invest in homeware – becoming a driving factor for Andmore’s success.

Sustainability Takes Centre Stage

The push for eco-friendly and sustainable designs has not left the furniture industry behind; in fact, it has revolutionized it. Andmore markets riding on this wave, has created an avenue where sustainable furniture designs are given precedence.


Awarded by the Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50, Andmore markets’ consistent and impressive growth hasn’t gone unnoticed. This is an annual ranking that highlights the fastest-growing shows in the nation.

The Future is Bright

In closing, the significant growth and recognition of Andmore markets as a premier furniture trade show is an exciting development for the industry. It indicates a larger market interest in home personalization and sustainable practices, and exemplifies how innovation can drive industry success. With the continued desire for top-quality, eco-friendly furniture alongside exciting industry exhibitions and events like Andmore markets, there’s no doubt that the future of the furniture industry is bright.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317239

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