• Ante4Autism, the annual fundraising event for autism awareness, has successfully secured sponsors, players, and auction prizes for its upcoming edition.
• Such companies like Symbol Mattress, Furniture First, and FMG were confirmed as sponsors.
• Some confirmed participating players are Joseph Amato, Randy Coconis, and Mike McQuiston.
• Up for grabs are a variety of auctioning hot items such as signed sports memorabilia, gift baskets, and furniture items.
• The event intends not just to raise funds for autism advocacy and support, but also to inform and educate the public about autism.

Ante4Autism Gets Ready for Action

An Array of Sponsors, Players, and Prizes Lined Up

Ante4Autism, the annual event that combines poker and a great cause, is gearing up for action. With a roster of big-name sponsors such as Symbol Mattress, Furniture First, and FMG confirmed, the stage is set for an engaging event. Noteworthy players, including industry leaders like Joseph Amato, Randy Coconis, and Mike McQuiston, have also confirmed their participation, promising a thrilling competition.

Tempting Auction Prizes on Offer

Keeping attendees on the edge of their seats, a variety of hot items will be auctioned off, ranging from signed sports memorabilia to enticing gift baskets and exciting furniture items.

More Than Just a Fundraising Event

While raising funds for autism advocacy and support is at the heart of the event, Ante4Autism also aims to create a platform for autism awareness and education about this complex condition.

In conclusion, Ante4Autism is not merely a fundraising event, it is a unique blend of cause and entertainment. It is about using a playful platform like poker to bring people together for a good cause. It promotes understanding of autism, provides support, and propels a movement for positive change. This extraordinary fusion of philanthropy and poker, powered by well-known sponsors and players, is sure to deal in a successful event. So mark your calendars and get ready for a royal flush of funds for autism support.

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