Key Points:

– recently issued a recall for over 4,500 swivel chairs due to safety concerns.
– The chairs in question pose a risk of falling due to issues with the seat plate weld.
– There have already been 12 reports of chairs breaking, including two instances of minor injuries.
– The chairs were sold on from June 2020 to November 2021.
– Customers who purchased these chairs are being asked to stop using them immediately.
– is offering full refunds to any customers affected by the recall. Issues Recall on Over 4,500 Swivel Chairs

Reason for Recall: Safety Concerns

After receiving multiple reports of chairs breaking and two instances of minor physical injuries, furniture retailer felt it was high time to step in. The online retailer pinpointed the problem: a seat plate weld issue increasing the risk of collapsing, thus risking customers’ safety.

Recall Scope and Next Steps

The recall covers an extensive range of possibly defective chairs sold between June 2020 – November 2021. Over 4,500 swivel chair owners are invited to halt using their chairs promptly. However, every cloud does have a silver lining; in this case, it’s a full refund. is offering a full refund to affected customers to resolve this messy issue, displaying its commitment to customer safety.

From being a perfect place to rest your behind to becoming a potential harm cause, it sounds like these 4,500+ swivel chairs went for a twist rather than a swivel. Regardless, the company’s swift action in recalling products and offering refunds showcases its commitment to customers. Here’s to hoping future designs from come with durability and safety in “seat”!

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