– Ashley HomeStore, the world’s largest furniture retailer, has expanded its global reach by opening a new store in an Asian country, making it their 13th store on the continent.
– The new branch was opened in collaboration with the Ducksan Corporation, Ashley’s longtime franchise partner in Asia.
– The latest outlet is located in Bundang-bellagio, one of the prime shopping districts in the city of Seongnam.
– Ashley is known for its high-quality furniture and exclusive in-house designs, which have often left consumers in awe due to their unique blending of style and functionality.
– Despite being a global brand, Ashley’s dedicated team always ensures that their designs resonate with the current trends popular in the particular region where they operate.
– The new store’s inauguration event was a grand affair attended by the elite class and local citizens, who got to experience first-hand the exceptionality of Ashley furniture.
– The company attributes its steady growth in Asia to the hard work and commitment of their team and the franchise partner Ducksan Corporation.

Ashley HomeStore’s 13th Asian Triumph

Global Furniture Giant Expands it’s Asian Footprint

Ashley HomeStore, backed by its franchise partner Ducksan Corporation, takes a joyous leap by establishing its 13th store in Asia. Pushing forth its legacy of high-quality furniture and exclusive designs, the new outlet resides in the bustling shopping district of Seongnam — Bundang-bellagio.

Designs that Connect Globally, Resonate Locally

Despite its worldly reach, Ashley has proven itself as a brand with a local touch, always staying ahead by catching up with the latest trends specific to each region they serve.

A Grand Inauguration Event in Seongnam

The opening of the new store marked a glorious day, with a grand event that saw an outpouring of the city’s elite and curious citizens, all queuing up for the Ashley experience.

Closing the curtain on this thrilling news, it’s clear that Ashley’s tireless team and their trusty partner Ducksan Corporation are key to the sustained growth in Asia. With their mix of quality craftsmanship and an understanding of regional tastes, Ashley’s continues to impress. And as the 13th store opens its doors, one thing is undeniable – the furniture giant is here to stay, and they have every intention of providing an exceptional shopping experience to their beloved Asian customers.

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