– At Home, a well-known home decor retail chain, is set to welcome a new CEO in June.
– The current CEO, Lee Bird, will be stepping down and will be replaced by the current President and COO, Peter Corsa.
– Bird has been with At Home since 2012, and has played a critical role in its expansion into a nationwide brand.
– Corsa has been with the company since 2016 and has been instrumental in enhancing the company’s operations and supply chain processes.
– The existing CEO expressed his faith in Corsa’s ability to continue driving the company towards future success.
– Corsa’s strategy for the future includes increased focus on compelling merchandise assortment, strong value proposition and enhanced omnichannel capabilities.

Leadership Transition at At Home

New CEO to Take Over in June

Goodbye, Bird’s eye view and hello Corsa’s course! At Home, your go-to store for all things beautiful for your home, is all set for a leadership shakeup this June. The handover comes from Mr. Lee Bird, who has called the company home since 2012 and helped turn it into a mega-brand that’s more nationwide than your grandma’s apple pie.

Peter Corsa: The New Helmsman

Out of the nest and into the driving seat steps Peter Corsa, who’s been watering the operations and supply chain processes at At Home since 2016. With a strategy focused on delightful merchandise, value that’ll make your wallet sing, and an omnichannel approach that’s as buzzing as a beehive, he’s got his sights set on loftier heights. With a vote of confidence from the outgoing CEO, the future for At Home is looking brighter than a brand-new chandelier!

So, as we bid adieu to Bird and welcome Corsa into the captain’s chair, one thing remains the same – At Home’s unwavering commitment to being your top choice for all home decor needs!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317110

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