– Havertys, a leading furniture company, recently held its investor’s call.
– The company is returning to Houston with the grand opening of its new store.
– Havertys reported strong Q1 2021 results with excited outlook for Q2 and Q3.
– High demand is being experienced, resulting in production and supply chain constraints.
– There is improved gross margin from stronger pricing, lower markdowns, improved merchandise mix and reduced selling costs.
– The company invested in technology and digital capabilities, improving customer experiences both online and in-store.

Havertys’ Back in Houston and Three More Takeaways

Havertys Investor Call: A Return to Houston

In a recent investor’s call, Havertys announced its return to Houston. Showcasing their resilience, they confirmed the grand opening of a new store in the area.

Q1 Results and High Demand

Good news was shared about the company’s Q1 results, and an even better outlook was provided for Q2 and Q3. However, it’s not all smooth sailing. With demand skyrocketing, they are experiencing production and supply chain constraints. A good problem to have in many businesses, but one that needs addressing nonetheless.

Improved Gross Margin and Increase in Digital Capabilities

The balance sheet speaks volumes with its improved gross margin, stemming from stronger pricing and less markdowns, as well as an improved merchandise mix and reduced selling costs. As a cherry on top, Havertys also invested heavily in tech and digital capabilities, improving the in-store and online customer experience.

In Summary:
Havertys, the esteemed furniture company, is making waves by returning to Houston, demonstrating a strong financial quarter, and tackling high demand amidst production constraints. With an improved gross margin and enhanced digital experience for customers, the future looks bright for this long-standing furniture provider. Cheers to a comfy couch that doesn’t break the bank, thanks to Havertys!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316609

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