– Beautyrest Black, a premium mattress brand, is making a big splash with the launch of 20 new beds.
– To celebrate the launch, they are bringing back the iconic bowling ball demonstration popularized in their commercials from the 90’s.
– The bowling ball stunt is known for its compelling demonstration of the bed’s motion isolation capabilities, where a bowling ball is dropped on one side of the bed without disturbing a set of pins on the other side.
– The new line of mattresses includes models from the Beautyrest Black Original, Beautyrest Black Hybrid, and Beautyrest Black Cooling (C-class) ranges.
– Every mattress model in the new lineup features the brand’s patented T3 Pocketed Coil Technology, specially developed for superior support and pressure relief.
– A part of Simmons Bedding, Beautyrest Black aims to provide consumers with luxurious sleep through their innovative technology and high-quality materials.

Beautyrest Black Drops the Bowling Ball on 20 New Beds

New Lineup Features Improved Technology And High-Quality Materials

In an exciting twist of nostalgia and innovation, Beautyrest Black is commemorating the release of 20 new bed models by bringing back a beloved piece of their advertising history – the bowling ball demonstration.

The Bowling Ball is Back in Town

This iconic test of motion isolation, made famous by the brand’s commercials over 20 years ago, perfectly demonstrates the ability of the new models to provide luxurious, undisturbed sleep – even when a bowling ball is dropped on the bed.

Enhanced Features for a Superior Sleep

Every new model in the expansive range, which includes the Beautyrest Black Original, Hybrid, and Cooling (C-class) collections, comes equipped with the company’s patented T3 Pocketed Coil Technology. This innovative feature provides superior support and pressure relief, ensuring customers can drift off to dreamland in comfort.

Remember the Beautyrest Black bowling ball drop next time you’re mattress shopping! They’re not just selling a bed; they’re offering a promise of undisturbed sleep, offering a trip down memory lane with every bounce. The new line of mattresses from Beautyrest Black combines the nostalgia of a past advertising hit with the most cutting-edge bed technologies, aimed at creating a sleep experience that’s supportive, comfortable, and undeniably high-quality.

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