– Furniture artisan Chris Becksvoort has released a new Shaker-inspired side chest.
– Becksvoort’s recent creation pays homage to the simplistic yet functional design ethos of the Shaker community.
– The side chest is designed with the traditional Shaker ‘tapered, splayed leg’ style.
– The piece features high-quality dovetail joinery, which ensures that the chest is both sturdy and visually pleasing.
– The furniture piece boasts a cherry wood construction, favored by the Shakers for its beauty and durability.
– The side chest is compact yet spacious, perfect for modern homes where space is a premium.
– Becksvoort believes this piece is special due to its function and the timeless beauty of the design.

Becksvoort Unveils Shaker-Inspired Side Chest

Crafting Timeless Beauty with Function

Renowned furniture artisan, Chris Becksvoort, has recently launched his latest creation, a striking Shaker-inspired side chest. Drawing from the minimalist aesthetics of Shaker design, Becksvoort infuses durability and function into this elegant piece, making it an ideal choice for modern homes.

Design Inspired by Tradition

The side chest, designed in the traditional Shaker ‘tapered, splayed leg’ style, offers an intriguing mix of old-world charm and contemporary functionality. It features high-quality dovetail joinery, emphasizing the hallmark Becksvoort solidity, as well as visual allure.

Cherishing Cherry Wood

Constructed from cherry wood- a Shaker favorite renowned for its enduring attractiveness and resilience, this compact furniture piece effortlessly caters to modern space constraints while not compromising on storage capacity. The chest stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of Shaker designs and Becksvoort’s commitment to crafting pieces that blend beauty with function.

In conclusion, Chris Becksvoort’s latest furniture piece celebrates the Shaker’s minimalist craftsmanship at its finest. Combining the visual aesthetics of the traditional splayed leg design with the durability of cherry wood and high-quality dovetail joinery, the side chest is a symbol of timeless beauty and function. Compact but spacious, it is perfect for modern homeowners who seek style and utility in their home décor. Drawing deeply from the Shaker ethos, Becksvoort has created a piece that embodies elegance, function, and a timeless appeal.

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