– Bellini has extended its domestic custom-made upholstery program.
– The company has introduced a six-week delivery option for its custom products.
– A wide range of designs, fabrics, and finishes are available to customers under the program.
– Bellini aims to streamline its production and delivery processes to ensure high quality and efficient service.
– The move represents a major investment by Bellini into the domestic market.
– Customers can make custom adjustments to the upholstery of their Bellini products to suit their taste and home decor.
– The six-week delivery timetable applies to both individual and bulk orders.
– This expansion will especially benefit clients who require unique, high-quality products within a short duration.

Bellini Takes Custom Furniture to a New Level

Bellini – a Leader in Custom Furniture

Bellini has amplified its commitment to providing customers with high quality, uniquely tailored furniture, launching a promising expansion to its domestic custom upholstery program.

Deliveries Tailored to Suit You

To make their service even better, Bellini moved a notch higher by introducing a six-week delivery option for its custom products, conveniently reducing waiting times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Quality Products, Quality Service

This new development demonstrates Bellini’s commitment to consistent quality from production to delivery. All orders — whether individual or bulk — are promised to hit this six-week delivery mark.

Boundless Customization Options

Under the expanded program, customers can choose from an array of designs, fabrics, and finishes, allowing them to match their new Bellini products to their existing decor or even create an entire new look for their homes.

Bellini’s expansion into the domestic custom upholstery is not just about growing its market share but also about meeting customer demand for high-quality, unique, and quick-delivery furniture. By sticking to their six-week delivery promise, Bellini proves its commitment to innovating the way we think about furniture shopping and production, promising a seamless experience from the first click to delivery.

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