– The Qiyun Mountain Tree House, designed by Bengo Studio, is an intricate blend of modern architecture and natural design.
– The treehouse is integrated seamlessly into its setting of tall red cedars in the Huangshan mountains of eastern China.
– Designers sought to emulate the harmony found in nature, reflected in their choices of materials and layout, with the suspended structure resembling both a cave and treehouse.
– Not quite a treehouse in the traditional sense, the structure maintains contact with the ground which gives it a balanced, almost zen-like aura.
– The treehouse is composed of seven interconnecting modules, each of which is suspended in the air via steel supports.
– Comprised of a bedroom, restroom, bar, an area for meditation, lounge, and a viewing platform, its design caters to all aspects of daily living and spiritual rejuvenation.
– Its panoramic views of the Huangshan Mountains captivate and inspire with every dawn and dusk, making this architectural marvel a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Nature Meets Architecture: Between cave and treehouse

The Bengo Studio Fusion of Nature and Architecture

The Qiyun Mountain Tree House, a brainchild of Bengo Studio, flawlessly marries anthropocentric design principles with the serenity and appeal of nature. Nestled within the towering red cedars in China’s rural Huangshan mountains, this architectural marvel invokes a sense of tranquility through its gentle, almost zen-like integration with the environment.

Suspended Serenity: More Than Your Ordinary Treehouse

The quintessential treehouse, a staple of many a fairy tale and daydream, scarcely resembles Bengo Studio’s creation. The structure grounds itself to Mother Earth, giving birth to a new silhouette in the landscape that harmonizes rather than drowns out the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Innovative Design: Catering to All Corners of the Human Experience

The intriguing blend of contemporary design with natural elements expands across seven individual, intertwining modules. Erected upon steel supports and suspended amongst the trees, each module offers unique perspectives on daily life, from a bedroom and restroom to a bar, meditation area, lounge, and viewing platform. This innovative use of space and design encapsulates the full spectrum of everyday life as well as spiritual rejuvenation.

Their View Goes to Infinity and Beyond

The uninterrupted, panoramic vistas of the Huangshan mountains are nothing short of a spectacle that captures the imagination and revitalizes the soul. Daybreak and dusk are a symphony for the eyes, only adding to the appeal of this architectural gem.

To be tucked away in this distinctly modern yet decidedly serene refuge is to be one with nature itself. Ultimately, Bengo Studio’s Qiyun Mountain Tree House transcends the boundaries of typical design, creating an intimate symbiosis between humanity and its environment. In their forward-thinking design, they have crafted not just a dwelling, but an experience — a testament to the harmonious potential of thoughtful, environmentally inclined innovation.

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