– BIA, a renowned Singaporean furniture company, has committed to supporting The Susan G. Komen Foundation.
– The company will donate 5% of its sales from their HOPE mattress line to the foundation.
– The initiative is part of BIA’s corporate social responsibility mission and aims to raise awareness of breast cancer and fund research for a cure.
– The HOPE mattress line was created specifically for this fundraising event. It is designed with the finest materials to promote sound sleep and healthy living.
– BIA anticipates large sales of HOPE mattresses due to the cause it represents and the high quality of the product.
– Susan G. Komen is a well-regarded organization known globally for its efforts in breast cancer prevention, treatment, research and education.

BIA Supports Komen Foundation through HOPE Mattress Sales

A Portion of Profits to Benefit Breast Cancer Research and Awareness

BIA, a distinguished furniture company based in Singapore, has pledged its support for The Susan G. Komen Foundation. The company has affirmed a 5% sales donation from their exclusive HOPE mattress line to the foundation. This praiseworthy initiative is not just a philanthropic gesture but is also part of BIA’s larger corporate social responsibility vision.

HOPE Mattress: Combining Quality Sleep and A Noble Cause

The HOPE mattress, specifically created for this charity event, is a symbol of BIA’s commitment towards contributing to the good of society. Simultaneously, the mattress exhibits the same standard of exceptional quality BIA is known for. This double-edged strategy is anticipated to spike the sales volumes of the HOPE mattresses, as clients align their shopping preferences with charitable causes.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation: A Pillar in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

A globally recognized organization, the Komen Foundation, is dedicated to preventing and curing breast cancer. It is committed to research, education, screening, and treatment of this widespread disease. BIA’s contribution, through HOPE sales, will significantly support the Foundation’s continuous efforts.

In conclusion, BIA’s decision to associate its premium mattress line with breast cancer awareness through its support for the Komen Foundation is a commendable move. Consumers can now rest comfortably with the high-quality HOPE mattress and stand in solidarity with those battling breast cancer. This noble initiative sets a benchmark for other corporate entities to contribute productively to global causes, thus turning consumerism into a socially responsible act.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318325

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