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– Bob Timberlake, a renowned artist and furniture designer, is set to open a new gallery in his Western North Carolina showroom.
– The new shop will feature an extensive collection of Timberlake’s artworks and unique furniture pieces.
– The gallery aims to reflect Timberlake’s love for nature, showcasing rustic yet refined designs.
– An official grand opening event will be held, offering an exclusive preview to guests and the chance to meet the artist himself.
– Timberlake has an existing partnership with Century Furniture, also based in the region, for the production of his furniture line.

Bob Timberlake’s New Gallery: Where Artistry and Interior Design Combine

Bring The Rustic Outdoors Indoors

Renowned artist and furniture designer Bob Timberlake is about to give Western North Carolina a magnificent treat! His new gallery, a delightful addition to his showroom in the area, will showcase an exquisite collection of Timberlake’s very own art and furniture pieces. Each artful piece allows us to glimpse Timberlake’s deep love for nature, translated into rustic appeal combined with refined design.

A Grand Unveiling

Eyeing to immerse guests both into his artistry and interior design ethos, an official grand opening event will be held. This special affair offers an exclusive preview of the gallery and a rare opportunity for guests to meet the artist behind this unique design aesthetic.

Ties That Bind

Not to forget the crucial role of Century Furniture in his venture, Timberlake acknowledges his partnership with the regional-based company for the manufacturing of his distinctive furniture line. This collaboration further strengthens the artist’s bond and commitment to his beloved Western North Carolina region.

A Final Word

Through the launch of his new gallery, Bob Timberlake illustrates his passion for blending art with functionality. Providing an exclusive look at the captivating nature-inspired elements of his designs, the new showroom stands as a testament to Timberlake’s significant contribution to the furniture design industry. Ready to captivate the heart of Western North Carolina, this gallery is not just an establishment, but a toast to harmonious synergy between man, nature, and design.

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