• BrandSource, a retail buying group, has shared exciting details about its upcoming annual convention.
• The event will feature insights from industry leaders, interactive workshops, and innovative product showcases.
• This year’s theme is “Game On”, reflecting the company’s focus on pushing forward in the industry despite market challenges.
• The convention will feature keynote speakers from renowned brands like LG, Samsung, and Tempur-Pedic.
• Hands-on product demos of latest furniture pieces and appliances will be arranged for participants to experience.
• There will also be breakout sessions to focus on retail strategies and industry trends.
• BrandSource has assured comprehensive COVID-19 safety measures for participants’ security and comfort.

BrandSource “Game On” Convention

A Durée Unveiling Exciting Details

BrandSource, the go-to hub for retailers seeking to maximize their market potential, has unveiled exciting details for their annual convention. With this year’s rallying theme “Game On”, the event is shaping up to be a playground for inspiration, innovation, and interaction.

Keynotes and Showcases

From unparalleled insights delivered by industry leaders from pillars of commerce like LG, Samsung, and Tempur-Pedic to interactive breakout sessions focused exclusively on retail strategies and industry trends – the convention has something for everyone.

Hands-On Experiences

No event is complete without a hands-on experience! Get ready to explore innovative product demos featuring the latest furniture pieces and cutting-edge appliances that are set to re-define retail spaces.

Strict Safety Measures

BrandSource has reassured of putting in place stringent COVID-19 safety protocols, promising a safe, secure, and seamless convention experience for all participants.

In conclusion, BrandSource convention promises to offer an exciting amalgamation of knowledge sharing, trend spotting, and networking opportunities. The “Game On” theme illustrates the group’s vision of pushing past market challenges and powering into new arenas of retail success. So get set to learn, connect, and grow with BrandSource’s dynamic convention!

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