– Brandwise, a leading furniture business software provider, was hit by a significant outage disrupting their services.
– The company’s platform was down for several days, causing inconvenience to customers who employ their software for inventory management, invoicing, ordering, and more.
– It is believed that the outage was the result of a severe security breach into Brandwise’s systems.
– In response to the incident, Brandwise has taken robust measures to heighten its security infrastructure and prevent future incidents from happening.
– The company is working tirelessly to restore all their services, assuring their customers of their commitment to seamless client service.
– Affected customers will be provided appropriate compensation, as the outage inflicted considerable business disruption.
– The incident highlights the growing need for strong security measures within the digital infrastructure of furniture businesses to prevent similar crises in the future.

Brandwise Bounces Back After Severe Outage

Heightening Security Measures Following Security Breach

Immediate Actions and Future Preventive Measures

Considering the imperative role digital infrastructure plays, it’s critical that furniture businesses like Brandwise invest significantly in their cybersecurity systems. Recovering from the costly outage, Brandwise has undertaken stringent measures to protect their system from future attacks and ensure uninterrupted services. They have demonstrated a resilience in the face of adversity, all for the sake of their devoted customers. Now on a pathway to recovery, Brandwise aims to not only restore their operations but bolster their defenses to future proof their business in response to the incident. It stands as a significant reminder that in the digital age, cybersecurity isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316694

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