• Pottery Barn has partnered with high-end resort label Lilly Pulitzer for its latest furniture and home décor collection.
• The collaboration was inspired by the comfortable yet luxurious ambiance of upscale resorts.
• It features a range of products, including furniture, bedding, bath items, outdoor and indoor décor, and tabletop pieces.
• One standout item is a handcrafted palm-framed mirror, which showcases the artists’ attention to detail and love for nature.
• The selection also includes a plush beach towel printed with Lilly Pulitzer’s signature tropical designs.
• The entire Lilly Pulitzer collection will be available for purchase in Pottery Barn stores and online.

Pottery Barn & Lilly Pulitzer: A Luxurious Blend

Inspired by Upscale Resorts

A Touch of Luxury at Home

The dream of merging luxury and comfort right at your home has become a reality with Pottery Barn’s collaboration with renowned resort brand, Lilly Pulitzer. Inspired by the sophistication and relaxation offered by high-end resorts, they have crafted a collection that includes a diverse range of products, from furniture to home décor items. Now you can enjoy the delicacy and precision of a handcrafted palm-framed mirror, or embrace the vibrant tropics with Lilly Pulitzer’s signature palm printed beach towel. The collection is a testament to the artist’s sheer love for nature. Make a space in your home, for these stunning pieces are soon to be available both in Pottery Barn stores and online. So, get ready to soak up the luxury of resorts in your own living room, thanks to this chic collaboration!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317803

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