• British luxury furniture retailer, Debenhams, announces it’s exiting the U.S. market.
• The move comes after years of struggling to gain a significant market share amidst intense competition.
• Debenhams plans to focus on its domestic market and strengthen its online presence.
• The company’s U.S. stores will begin liquidation sales immediately.
• The decision will not affect the company’s operations in other international markets.

Debenhams Bows Out of U.S. Market

British Luxury Retailer Shifts Focus to Domestic Market

Fierce Competition and Liquidation Sales Underway

After years of battling in the tumultuous sea of American retail, British luxury furnishings company, Debenhams, has decided to weigh anchor and sail back home. In an eager bid to fortify its domestic stronghold and boost its online presence, the company deems it necessary to retreat from the U.S. market. U.S. customers can gear up for massive liquidation sales as Debenhams embarks on its farewell journey. While the decision ends the company’s chapter in the U.S., Debenhams will continue to fly its flag in other international waters — making it clear that while it may be retiring from a single battlefield, it’s far from surrendering the war.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318313

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