– Pinterest’s summer trend report indicates a shifting preference from traditional neutrals to bold, vibrant colors.
– Searches for “colorful furniture” have risen by 7.5 times, “green kitchen” by 3 times, and “yellow kitchen” by 3.5 times.
– “Statement ceilings” and “bold printed wallpaper” are also gaining popularity.
– Interior design experts suggest mixing and matching textures with bold colors for a unique style.
– The trend can be credited to the increased time spent at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bye, Bye Beige: This Summer’s Hottest Furniture Trends

Pinterest Spotlights Rising Color Trends

According to Pinterest’s summer trend report, it seems the world of furniture design is moving away from the classic neutrals and stepping into a more vibrant, energetic palette. Searches for “colorful furniture” have spiked by 7.5 times compared to previous records, suggesting a growing interest in bright, visually stunning home interiors.

Green and Yellow Kitchens Taking the Lead

It’s not just about technicolored chairs and rainbow cabinets. The kitchen, often regarded as the heart of a home, is also getting a colorful makeover with “green kitchen” and “yellow kitchen” queries shooting up three and three and a half times respectively.

Bold Textures Join the Color Parade

The love for color doesn’t stop at simple hues. “Statement ceilings” and “bold printed wallpaper” are being embraced, presumably to make a lasting impression on guests or create an unforgettable Zoom background. Interior designers recommend perfectly combining textures and bold colors to achieve that en vogue look.

Influence of COVID-19 on Home Décor

The pandemic-driven lifestyle changes might be the push behind this surge in interest in colorful, lively home design. With individuals spending an unprecedented amount of time at home, many have made the leap to give their living spaces a more vibrant, refreshing makeover.

To conclude, beige and the likes are taking the backseat this summer and making way for more exciting color elements in home interiors. From colorful furniture and bold kitchen shades to statement ceilings and wallpapers, people are keen on transforming their homes into more vibrant, energetic, and positively stimulating domains. If interior design trends are any indication, bold is definitely the new beautiful this year!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317257

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