– Bill McLoughlin has written an article exploring the recent executive moves in the furniture industry.
– The notable shifts include Kirsten Green, founder of Forerunner Ventures, joining the board of directors at Herman Miller, and Serena & Lily’s announcement of Lori Greeley as the new CEO.
– With the growing involvement of technology in the furniture industry, fresh perspectives and ideas from leaders outside of the industry are seen as a valuable asset.
– Herman Miller’s choice in Kirsten Green, who has solid knowledge and experience in the tech and e-commerce industry, is said to strengthen Herman Miller’s plans to expand its business to technology-oriented consumers.
– Another shift noted is the appointment of Lori Greeley, who came from the fashion industry, as the CEO of Serena & Lily. This move is representative of the growing intersection of fashion and home décor.
– The article further discusses these shifts as a representation of the larger direction of the furniture industry. Digital expansion, market integration and a focus on consumer trends are emphasized more than traditional manufacturing skills.

A Sea Change Within the Furniture Industry

New Faces and Fresh Perspectives

With leaders like Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures joining the board of directors at Herman Miller and Serena & Lily announcing Lori Greeley as their new CEO, the industry is witnessing a rapid shift. Formerly isolated within the boundaries of manufacturing skill and material know-how, the furniture industry is now embracing leaders who can bring in perspectives from different corners of the market.

Expanding Towards Digital Horizons and Consumer Trends

With Herman Miller’s decision to bring Kirsten Green onboard, it’s clear that furniture companies are looking to venture deeper into the digital space. This tactical decision not only ramps up the company’s digital presence but also potentially introduces Herman Miller to a wider tech-savvy audience. Similarly, the appointment of fashion industry veteran Lori Greeley as CEO at Serena & Lily underscores the growing intersection of fashion and home décor.

A Look at the Future

The recent transitions in the executive sector of the furniture industry suggest a shift in focus. Companies now prioritize digital expansion, integration with multiple markets, and keeping a watchful eye on consumer trends. These developments are further hinting at a more integrated and technology-driven future for the furniture industry.

In Conclusion

The waves of change in the furniture industry are bringing in new tides. Executive appointments like Kirsten Green at Herman Miller and Lori Greeley at Serena & Lily indicate a shift towards digital expansion, consumer trend awareness, and market integration. It’s an exciting time in the industry as traditional boundaries are blurred and the focus moves towards more dynamic, innovative approaches. As a result, the industry may very well witness a radical transformation – much like a furniture feng shui, rearranging the pieces of the industry puzzle to better align with the digital pack.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316562

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