– Ruggable is launching a new range of items, continuing their partnership with design house Morris & Co.
– This new collection includes a total of 15 SKUs.
– The collaboration was initially positive, with the first line of rugs selling out.
– This new line is based on Morris & Co. founder, William Morris’s designs, particularly reflecting the Arts and Crafts movement.
– The collection attempts to create a balance between modern aesthetics and traditional patterns.
– The rugs are designed to be machine washable, keeping up with Ruggable’s commitment towards practicality.
– Ruggable is optimistic about the collection, hoping it will repeat the success of the first Morris & Co. line.

Ruggable’s New Morris & Co. Collection

An Exciting Collaboration Continues

With Ruggable launching a brand new swathe of design delights, the continuation of its partnership with renowned design house Morris & Co. is looking promising. With 15 new items up for grabs, consumers are eagerly awaiting the second installment of an already successful collaboration.

A Balance of Old and New

Tracing its aesthetics from the founder of Morris & Co., William Morris, the collection tries to encapsulate the fine balance between modern design and traditional artistry. Known for his contribution to the Arts and Crafts movement, his influences bring an eclectic charm to the line.

Practicality Meets Design

Not just pleasing to the eye, these rugs hold up Ruggable’s dedication to practicality – they’re machine washable! This means consumers can enjoy an elegant addition to their homes without worrying about the cleaning nightmare rugs traditionally come with.

Anticipation for a Repeat Success

Can Ruggable and Morris & Co. repeat their performance with this new line? Only time will tell. With the previous collection selling out, Ruggable remains hopeful. After all, who could resist a perfect blend of tradition, modern design, and practicality in their living space?

Time for us to roll out the red carpet (or should we say, roll out the Ruggable) and wait to see if this sophomore collection measures up to the initial success. Whether it’s a hit or miss, one thing’s for sure – we’re excited to see how people incorporate these versatile, stylish rugs into their homes.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316506

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