– Canadian bedding retailer, Sleep Country Canada, has announced its latest store opening in Ontario.
– The new location will be in Leamington, marking the company’s 287th store across Canada.
– Sleep Country Canada is recognized for their commitment to providing a comprehensive range of sleep solutions.
– The company has implemented essential safety measures to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff amidst the ongoing pandemic.
– In line with their dedication to customer service, the store also offers at-home delivery, installation services, and a 100-night comfort guarantee.

A New Dawn for Sleep Country Canada in Ontario

Improved Sleep for Leamington Residents

Bringing Quality Bedding closer to You

Don’t hit the snooze button on this news! Sleep Country Canada, the nation’s top bedding specialist, has rolled out their new cozy corner in Leamington, Ontario. This marks the brand’s 287th dream factory and continues their persistent expansion across the land of the Maple Leaf.

True to their reputation for maintaining the highest sleep standards, they’ve implemented rigorous safety measures to ensure your shopping experience is secure, even as we navigate the world of Covid-19. What’s more, the brand is making it easier than ever to enhance your sleep quality from the comfort of home, offering at-home delivery and installation services.

And speaking of comfort, have you heard about their 100-night comfort guarantee? It’s like being tucked in by a team of experts for a hundred nights because finding the perfect mattress could take a couple of tries. So, whether you’re looking to replace your old mattress or invest in some sleep-enhancing accessories, Sleep Country’s latest store is ready to guide you into the land of sweet dreams.

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