• Cariloha, a US-based bedding and furniture company, has named a veteran mattress sales executive to help expand its retail reach.
• Michael DeLaRue, former Executive VP of Sales at Sleep Inc., has joined Cariloha as the new VP of Wholesale.
• With over 20 years of experience in the mattress industry, DeLaRue will focus on developing strategies to distribute Cariloha’s bamboo products in new markets.
• Cariloha aims to introduce its distinctive combination of eco-friendly materials and luxury designs to a wider audience.
• DeLaRue’s appointment represents a strategic move for Cariloha to leverage his extensive industry knowledge and connections.

Cariloha Appoints New VP of Wholesale for Expansion

Michael DeLaRue to Boost Distribution with Two Decades of Industry Experience

Cariloha, known for its innovative bamboo furniture and bedding products, has enlisted the help of industry veteran Michael DeLaRue as their new Vice President of Wholesale. His appointment serves as part of Cariloha’s grand plan to propel its retail footprint, bringing its unique mix of eco-friendly luxury to even more households across various markets.

Bamboo Bedding Innovator Ups Retail Game with Strategic Hire

Having formerly held the position of Executive VP of Sales at Sleep Inc., DeLaRue’s deep-rooted experience and insights from more than 20 years in the mattress industry are expected to enhance Cariloha’s expansion initiatives significantly.

In conclusion, Cariloha’s move to bring Michael DeLaRue on board represents a bold strategic decision to fuel its expansion goals. With his industry expertise and robust connections, the company is poised to broaden its retail reach, sharing their unique bamboo products with new markets. This represents an exciting time for Cariloha and a promising engagement into uncharted territories for their eco-luxury offerings.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318138

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