– Casual Market Atlanta will be hosting over 100 temporary exhibitors in July.
– The market event will showcase the latest trends in outdoor and casual lifestyle furniture.
– Exhibitors will include a mixture of new entrants and well-known brands.
– Visitations and transactions will adhere to strict COVID-19 safety regulations.
– Visitors can take advantage of expert-led sessions, free consultations, and networking opportunities.
– The event promises to bring the best in design, function and style from across the globe.
– Exhibitor categories include outdoor furnishings, decorative accessories, tabletop, rugs, lighting, and more.

Casual Market Atlanta Welcomes 100+ Temporary Exhibitors

Showcase of Global Outdoor and Casual Lifestyle Furniture

Atlanta’s Casual Market is back in full swing this July with an impressive lineup of more than 100 temporary exhibitors presenting the latest in outdoor and casual lifestyle furniture. From newbie brands pushing the creative envelope, to established companies bringing tried and tested classics, there is an eclectic mix for all tastes. Social-distancing will be the order of the day, along with other prevalent COVID-19 safety measures to ensure a healthy market environment.

Expert Sessions, Consultations, and Networking Opportunities

Not just a shopping experience, Casual Market Atlanta will provide a wealth of knowledge through expert-led sessions for those eager to stay ahead of market trends. Free consultations and opportunities to network and collaborate will also be part and parcel of the event, enriching the overall experience for attendees.

In a nutshell, Casual Market Atlanta is setting a lively stage for the world’s best in design, function and style within the realm of outdoor and casual living. From furnishings to lighting and more, there’s no doubt the event will be a treat for all home and lifestyle enthusiasts out there. So, mark your calendars for this July, and don’t miss out on this grand furniture fiesta!

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