– Socialite sisters Kathy and Nicky Hilton venture into home decor products, starting with an exclusive collection of rugs.
– The collaboration was with e-tailer, Kathy Kuo, an upscale home decor brand.
– The collection was inspired by their global travels, childhood memories, and personal style.
– The rugs within the collection uniquely combine traditional sophistication with a modern edge, ranging from chic muted tones to vibrant patterns.
– The launch-announcing event was a glamorous amalgamation of the Hiltons’ world-renowned style and a celebration of their debut in the home decor space.

Hilton Sisters Debut Their Exclusive Rug Collection

A Glamorous Collaboration with Kathy Kuo Home

Hollywood’s favorite sisters, Kathy and Nicky Hilton, have made their first foray into the fascinating world of home decor. The celebrity siblings have ventured into the realm of rugs in collaboration with e-tailer, Kathy Kuo Home – a brand renowned for its upscale decor offerings.

Global Travels Inspire Unique Designs

The Hiltons’ new collection, a true reflection of their personal style and experiences, is immediately distinct. Thanks to the sisters’ diverse cultural experiences gained through extensive global travels and cherished childhood memories, they’ve curated a collection which marries traditional sophistication with a modern edge. The rugs act as a canvas, creatively expressing the Hiltons’ fashion-forward sensibilities and luxurious lifestyle.

From chic muted tones to vibrant patterns, the collection is as versatile as it is stylish. The launch event was nothing short of a glamorous affair, showcasing this new venture in the best light possible.

In conclusion, all fans of chic and classy home decor have a delightful surprise awaiting them with the Hilton Sisters’ debut rug collection. Infusing the Hilton’s flair for fashion and a discerning sense of sophistication into home accessories, they’ve set the bar high for their future endeavors within the decor realm.

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