– Alex Shuford III, CEO of Century Furniture, discussed the shifting furniture trends and how the company is adjusting to these changes.
– The company aims to continually evolve and stay relevant amidst the ‘maturing trends’ in the furniture industry.
– Shuford highlighted the importance of delivering customization and personalization to the clients.
– Century Furniture is putting more emphasis on digital marketing to stay ahead in the post-pandemic market scenario.
– Brand reinvention and finding new ways to engage with clients were also touched upon as crucial elements for success.
– It is important for businesses like Century to create the perfect balance between traditions and innovation.

Century Furniture Embraces Maturing Trends

Adapting to a Constantly Evolving Market

Navigating the Changing Trends

With the continuous shift in consumer preferences in the furniture industry, Century Furniture’s CEO Alex Shuford III charts their course into these ‘maturing trends’. Keeping up with the dynamic industry is no easy task, but personalization and customization seem to be the guiding light.

Innovation and Tradition: Finding the Balance

Century Furniture strives not only to keep up, but also to stay ahead in the game by emphasizing on digital marketing. Understandably, the post-pandemic market requirements have influenced this shift. While brand reinvention is key to staying relevant, Shuford also stresses on the significance of engaging with clients in new ways as an essential part of their success strategy.

In the face of ‘maturing trends’, successful businesses like Century have demonstrated the importance of maintaining the fine balance between tradition and innovation. A firm hand on the past with a mindful eye on the future – that seems to be the modus operandi for Century Furniture. Staying strong amidst the fluctuations of trends is no mere feat, but with a blended approach of personalization, digitization, and dedicated client engagement, Century furniture seems to have cracked the code.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=317666

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