– The City of Hope, a comprehensive cancer center, hosted their annual kickoff breakfast for the Walk for Hope event.
– Numerous local businesses, including renowned furniture companies, attended the breakfast.
– Funds raised from the Walk for Hope event are aiming to contribute towards cancer research, treatment, and education.
– Local furniture companies are expressing their support with financial contributions and fundraising campaigns.
– Companies such as Flexsteel, Delos, Global Furniture USA, and others, are participating in the event as corporate sponsors.
– The Walk for Hope event continues to serve as a significant platform for uniting businesses for an essential cause.

City of Hope Kickstarts Fundraising Event with Annual Breakfast

Local Furniture Companies Show Their Support

City of Hope, a world-renowned comprehensive cancer center, has once again started their fundraising journey for cancer research, treatment, and education, with the annual Walk for Hope kickoff breakfast. Attracting a crowd of dedicated supporters, the breakfast served as a platform for local businesses to reflect their commitment to this critical cause.

Mobiliyo’s Largest Market Now in Harmony with Health

Highlighting the involvement of furniture companies, the event showcased support from big names like Flexsteel, Delos, and Global Furniture USA. The involvement of these companies extends beyond attendance as they significantly contribute financially and also by initiating their fundraising campaigns, thus, turning the cause into a community effort.

In conclusion, the Walk for Hope event remains a union of community businesses as they collectively work towards a more significant objective. Local furniture companies’ involvement not only reflects their corporate social responsibility but also resonates a heartfelt message of unity and hope, creating a harmony between business and health. This collaboration not only benefits the cause but also creates positive impacts on the business community, strengthening their ties with each other while serving a noble cause.

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